White hat SEO (search engine optimization) can be defined as the use of different optimization strategies and techniques that target the human audience by following all search engine rules and policies. An organic SEO is a process to obtain a natural placement on organic Search engine results pages (SERPs). Few of the processes used by organic SEO are keywords and keyword analysis, back-linking, link building to improve link popularity and preparing content for human readers. So, a white hat organic SEO would use the combination of both to get optimized results.

White Hat uses organic techniques and ensures quality content on a site in order to do well for search. The factors which need to be considered and optimized for better page ranking are

  • Written Content
  • Images & Video
  • Meta Information
  • Site Architecture
  • Site Performance

Written Content: Developing quality content is important as it plays a vital role in ranking the page on the SERPs list. The content needs to be unique and should include keywords (both short and long tail) that are relevant to your site.  The keywords should go with the flow of the content and should not give a feeling that they are forced into the content. The keywords should be included in the title and headings. The content needs to be updated regularly with relevant information as a content-rich site would attract attention from search engines, human visitors and webmasters.


Images & Video: The images and videos on the page should be nice and compressed to increase page speed. It is very important to name your image file using keywords of the site. Experts suggest that it is better to include keywords into the alt tag of an image. The alt tag was designed to give information about the image to visually impaired people. If Google gets a feeling that your page can be accessed by all, then search engines would rank your website on the top. Videos and other rich media content to your blogs would increase the time spent by people on your site, which would in turn give you higher ranking.

Meta Information: Meta information should be an example of the quality of content on the page and should be such that the user is forced to choose for your page over the different options available on SERP. The description should not be more than 320 characters and also be able to attract as many clicks as possible.


Site Architecture: The URLs used for the site should be short and need to have keywords of the webpage. Google’s web crawlers generally look for such keywords in the URL. Short URLs tend to rank higher than lengthy URLs.

Site Performance: Speeding up a website would improve the user’s experience and also help in better ranking. Different ways in which you can improve your site performance are

  • Upgrading Host
  • Compressing Images
  • Lesser number of images on a page
  • Using CDN (Content Delivery Network)

You can also use links to connect pages of your website. These links help search engines and users to connect topics of your webpage.

Unlike black hat techniques, these white hat techniques follow all the SEO rules and their effect last long. These white hat techniques produce long term results and there are almost nil chances of SEO banning these sites.