In large organizations, dealing with large number of employees and workers; we come across this fear of our senior most; people who, we are supposed to think as leading us, are actually creating havoc through their way of approach. Ask yourself wisely; do you fear your leader of organization; a fear of losing the job or a fear of work pressure? The thing is, we should not fear our leaders, and if this is happening with you then you are not working under a leader but; it is merely a higher authority, you are taking orders. Are you getting my point? The goal is to feel safe under a leader, not to fear them.

The most important thing to observe in a true leader is; the will of sacrificing something just to make everyone, in the organization, equal. The Next Jump organization established in the New York City runs with a simple concept; we must treat our employees as our children instead of boycotting them from the organization due to some working issues. Such mentality is needed to be built up in every organization.

Ask yourself? As a parent, will you reject your children if he/she is not good in grades, at school? No. No one does that. Instead, we discuss the issue with them and help them out solving their problems with studies. Same is the case with an organization. Being a leader, one should not throw a rejection board right on the face of their employees. Instead, a leader must deal with the consequences and discuss the solution to the issue raised. This is how actually, a leader can be spotted. One has to understand this, as a leader that; your employees must work with you and not for you.

When we look at some of the great leaders like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Subhash Chandra Bose, the one similarity between them was; the will of sacrificing everything for their followers. That is the reason why, their followers were ready to do anything for them. No matter if, it was sacrificing one’s life against the British Empire. Every single person chooses someone to be their leader, unless they become one of them. The culture of give and take has been brutally murdered by the society realms. Very few of us are remained with a heart of giving something that cannot be sacrificed, and if you are sacrificing your needs for someone else then, this is a symbol of true leader.

The day when every single person start solving their issues without any fear of you, as a leader, is the day you realize that, you truly became a leader. It is not always necessary that a leader must be on the top. No. a leader can be among us, working beside us, and may be within us. Did you ever think how does a military soldier sacrifice their life for the nation? Why does he join military to save a nation in which, he merely knows handful of people including his family and friends, a nation which will not stand for his loved ones while he serves on the border, protecting those millions of unknown people, why? This is because; they are the real leaders in life. People who assign themselves for such kind of works; they know how to sacrifice themselves for saving the life of others and protecting them.

As a human being, we are all bound to protect each other from natural and unnatural hazards. This was the rule, our ancient ancestors followed for survival. We developed as an organization of human beings, protecting ourselves from dangerous animals and climate influence on the habitats. It’s simple; they will protect you because you will protect them. That is how actually a true leader’s attitude should be. Instead of making the employers work for you, under the fear of being fired at any instant of time; one need to be liberal in talking and sorting out the issues, not the employers. The day you start helping the workers; working towards your left and right; is the day they will start helping you as a team, which is the only mantra of building a team spirit.

For becoming a leader, you need not to be a CEO or manager of any big reputed organization. All you need is a heart of giving without any regrets for the needs of your own organization. So at the end, the conclusion is, if you are working under the fear of your leaders then fear not, because; they are not the leaders; as leaders don’t demand; they suggest and value everyone’s opinion in the team and up bring their business with everyone’s effort and dedication by working together as a whole.##