What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is now a popular word, which is connected to very serious issues but not paid any real attention by more than a few. The idea of net neutrality is very simple and easy to understand. It’s the idea that the government who makes rules and regulations for internet access within a given country, or the companies providing internet services will not distinguish internet traffic.

In simple words, your internet service provider will not charge extra for access to Netflix, for example, when accessing Hulu throttle your bandwidth to slow your speeds. The government or companies will not discriminate any website or services you’re using or in any manner limit your internet browsing experience. Many people are against net neutrality, while some are in support to this. Those are against to net neutrality are ISPs or companies, who are not benefiting from net neutrality. Instead of this, they are giving false arguments to sell their points.

You won’t believe – prior to the 2015 rulings, Netflix was forced into paying multiple communications providers to not have throttled traffic on their networks.

The hard reality is that a network without net neutrality is only favour the one side, i.e. government and big companies, the other side will never get any benefit. Imagine the money made by these big companies by extorting the internet services or the fees that might have to be paid by small businesses to make it past a bandwidth limitation imposed by ISPs. The possibilities are infinite for broadband users and infinitely irritating for consumers.

History of Net Neutrality:

Net Neutrality has been the status quo in the United States, with the 2015 FCC rules saying that broadband Internet providers fall under Title II of the Communications Act. It means ISPs are now able to govern as common carriers, and FCC rules can stop those ISPs who are throttling or advising traffic in their lines.

Many ISPs are against to it and when explained to public about the benefits of net neutrality they all supported net neutrality.

Current Events Involving Net Neutrality:-

The new authority by FCC has elected to start the process of demolishing the FCC net neutrality rules and arranging ISPs as common carriers. This will end net neutrality rules that have made broadband providers in scrutiny.

This is now a public comment time, in which individuals and organisations may submit comments, questions, and essentially calls up support but in the end a decision should be made and it appears doubtful that the current FCC leadership will protect net neutrality.

The Consequences of the discussion:

So, what matters for you? The field that starts with internet – Web designers, developers, copywriters, server administrators, marketers, and many more will be pretentious by the lack of net neutrality rules. What will happen when you make an application with all your hard work and passion, borrowing money, by pouring your team’s dedication, sweat, blood in to it and finally you launch that application? After living all these hard day you have to listen that some of your users or potential users cannot reach your app? This is something heart breaking.

What about some users dealing with low internet speed and because of it you lose your valuable customers? What if people have to pay some charges to access your website? If your app competing with the other app, which is owned by some big communication industry and for the outcomes what if the company throttled the traffic? You can do nothing to solve this problem.

These are the problems; you never have to deal with if your users have access to internet without discrimination.

What Can You Do

Comment on the problems which are due to the FCC. This will take a long time, but if you want to raise your voice you can contact member of Congress or the FCC.

–        Reach out to the organisations which are working for net neutrality.

–        When you choose vendors to work with, make sure they are pro net neutrality

–        If you are a member of large website or application, you can take part in the Day of Action, when sites will spread the importance of net neutrality to their users.

With the possible efforts we can make the most advantages. Many countries are dealing with this issue. They have to come up and fight for net neutrality