Internet marketing is a goldmine for ecommerce websites. One of the most important aspects of marketing is establishing a relationship with your potential as well as existing customers. And with people getting tech savvy by the day, there was never a better time to reach one’s customers directly! There are many online tools that companies use today to market their products and increase sales. The two most frequently used tools are Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook is quite a conquered territory, Twitter is still an underused tool for most companies. Understanding the different tools of Twitter can increase the volume of your target customer and sales by leaps and bounds! Let us look at a few Twitter tools that you can put to use and optimize your online promotional activities.

A strong Profile

Most websites using Twitter have incomplete or hazy profiles that simply turn down customers even if they show interest. Start with building a strong profile on Twitter. Your Twitter handle should be your company’s name and your profile picture must be the brand logo. By doing this, you are creating a strong brand presence which will improve brand awareness.

Twitter Bio allows you only 160 characters to describe your company. Therefore do not waste those characters behind fancy words. Use them to carefully describe exactly what your company offers to its customers.

Invoke Curiosity before you launch

Too many companies buy Twitter followers directly. This might give you immediate activity but would not translate into sales as these accounts are usually inactive or fake. Instead use your twitter handle to invoke curiosity among your target audience. Share posts about recent happenings in your industry. This should initially bring people to your site. Once you grab their attention, start subtle advertising. Let your followers know about the different events and happenings taking place at your firm.

For introducing new products or services, launch Twitter coupons. Use social coupon platform ‘TwtQpon’. You can introduce lucrative discounts and offer through these coupons. This will not only generate sales but also create huge waves of brand awareness among your target audience.

Know your Audience

One of the biggest opportunities online marketing provides is the chance to know your followers and the chance to communicate with them. Do not miss this opportunity to analyze your customers.

The tool ‘SocialRank’ allows you to analyze your customers and track verified Twitter accounts. It also offers you monthly reports about your most engaged followers, most active followers and so on. You may use this opportunity to know our customers and create a line of communication between your esteemed customers.

Keep it interesting

Salespeople deeply invested in twitter know that reputation is never built overnight. After you have gotten the basics right and invited some attention, do not let it slip away with a dead account. Instead, use different tools to keep your handle interesting. For example you can host Twitter conversations, online surveys, online competitions, etc.

Brand Awareness only increases over a period of time. By engaging your audience in this manner, you can ensure they are actively involved with your Twitter page and indirectly; with your brand.

Build relationships

The key to establishing a loyal long lasting customer base is to build relationships. All the above mentioned tools can open a line of communication between you and your customers. But it is that extra effort you make to build long lasting relationships that stands out among others.

In the end, it all boils down to the quality of content you share and the relationships you harbor. If you continue giving quality literature to your customers, they will automatically convert into your loyal customers over a period of time.

There are some promising features Twitter offers to the entrepreneurs and you should definitely avail those benefits you can get. If possible, you can hire a professional who can handle your account efficiently and smartly. An experienced social media expert who has done such work and knows about technicalities will be a perfect for the job. Find them on social media networks and you will see the magic Twitter can do for you.