Google the tech giant has recently announced two new features for Google Maps on Android and iPhone, to help daily commuters who travel by public transport. One of the features informs the user if a certain bus or train is crowded at the given time and if they could get a room for sitting or not.  The other feature will inform its user if their mode of public transport is delayed, if so by how many minutes.

Google rolled out these features only in selected few cities, at present. This feature is launched to help people make a choice when to commute if they have the luxury to do so.

These features for Google Maps works by receiving an update that gives information about how crowded a bus is at a given time of the day. For example, the update would be “Usually standing room only” if the bus is crowded. The other feature of the Google maps gives information about the delays of the bus and the number of minutes the users has to wait. The prediction by Google would be a result of previous information submitted by other users.

The real-time traffic delays for buses would help the commuters be better informed about transportation and aid in making decisions to be on time at the desired place. The feature would predict the delay and also the travel time based on the live traffic conditions along the route. The feature would also give the exact location of delay on the map so that the user can look for other alternatives.


Google has been collecting information about arrivals for subways, trains and buses across various cities. Data collected in the cities has been rolled while the process of collection of data is still going on in other cities. The tech giant collected information from its users who use Google Map more frequently. The app questioned its users about the level of crowdedness during their trip.

To benefit from these features, the user needs to launch ‘Google Maps’ on their iPhone or Android device and then plan the route. If they do not see any information, it means the feature is not launched in that particular city yet.

This feature of Google is similar to another feature launched by it that tells if the public place the user is visiting is crowded or not. If the place of visit is a restaurant, the feature would even predict the expected waiting time.