The first quarter of 2018 is done and most likely we all are going to assess ourselves as well as our work. This evaluation may be in the form of formal evaluations or the personal growth. Each one of us, right from the CEO of the company to the employee of the company; is going to articulate strong suits and weaknesses that could help the best way in aiming to achieve our next goal.

As a result, it is important that how you describe yourself at the very beginning of any new job application process. You need to understand yourself first- your goals and the path you are going to choose for achieving your goals. Some of the initial steps you can go for is-

It is recommended that you have a conversation with yourself privately. This will give you confidence in making jump in your career, by staying in the current company or just switching your job and join new venture.

The next thing to do is to figure out how to describe this in writing. You can opt writing a cover letter and form the structure of the resume accordingly.

Finally, when you are selected by any company for verbal discussions, you will have a chance to explain everything in detail during interview- telephonic or face-to-face.

If you are experienced, you must be having an idea that the recruiters just screen the resume in less than 10 seconds and so it is necessary to show your worth to the new organization in the best presentable manner. They generally focus on the candidate’s accomplishments as well as their top three to five most complex skills that are related with the job. According to the president of Wiley Group- Shannon Breuer, “Those who load their resume mostly with interpersonal skills tend to lose the attention of the reader because it’s hard to assess the level of skills without accomplishments and results to validate them. Also, many new hires are expected to increasingly have a base of technical or specific industry skills, so not having them becomes a red flag.”

As a result, instead of bulking your resume with random adjectives that sounds impressive, you need to focus on the specific job, requirements, industry as well as the necessary skills that is being needed by the organization and also necessary for you to perform well. Some of the best interpersonal skills that could help you out in grabbing the best job opportunity are as follows:

·        Organized and Detailed Oriented: Are you going out for a job that needs the organized and detail oriented pattern? Generally, these roles come under project management, accounting or any other high level position. Just make sure if you have this skill that you can easily cope up with the challenges in the new organization. Also, if you need some time in learning these skills, stay transparent with the organization instead of lying with the organization.

·        Empathetic or Compassionate: It is important that you have this skill in whatever job role you are applying for. Especially, for the service roles this feature can play the best role in getting the desired output as per your needs.

·        Be a Tough Negotiator: This interpersonal skill is very much important for your growth as well as for the company’s growth too. Most importantly, if you are looking for the job in sales, you may assume that this skill would play the role of cherry on the cake. Yes, these needs a lot of patience and guts, but once you are skilled in this field, you can feel a sense of relief in grabbing the best deals for your company.

·        Problem Solver: This is another most seeking characteristic in any of the organization. When there is any kind of issue, it needs immediate and creative solutions that can help the organization to get the best results. Coming up with the solutions is as important as doing a job in the best way at the first place.

·        Easy to Collaborate with Team Members: This is also an important trait that a candidate must have. When you know you are applying for a job that involves a team work, it is important for you to be mentally prepared as you will have to deal with various team members that may or may not go with your thoughts, plans or actions. At the initial stage you need to understand the views of your team members.

Thus, this is how you can reach to greater heights in new organization or in the current organization by getting promoted.


For an employee or even CEO, it is important that they evaluate themselves and plan out strategically to reach their new goals after certain period of time. Yes, of course it will need proper planning and for that you need to have certain abilities as well as interpersonal skills that can help you reach greater heights and achieve new accomplishments.