The secret to yield most promising results is – “Doing just 5 things the best way with full efforts rather than doing 10 things the halfway”.

But, how to achieve this! How to prioritize the work that can help you the best way in achieving the milestone that you have set? The best thing is to step back, reevaluate and the most important thing- Learn to say ‘NO’ in order to get more positive results.

Without any doubt, we all follow some of the great saying shared by the famous personalities or have known about the importance of the entrepreneurs seeking advice from others. But when it comes to us, we somehow fail to go or proceed as per their guidelines. As a result, we need to recognize the areas where we fail or lack and start working on it again with an aim of keeping our aim on a positive trajectory.

It is important that you must be able to learn about how to focus on the essential things as early as possible. It is known as prioritizing the tasks as you have to give proper time to your personal life as well as family too. As a result, it is recommended to make the highest possible contribution as possible. The thing is you need to understand the importance of what you want to do in order to achieve your goals.

As a result, in order to simplify your worries, let us have a look at the top 3 ways that can help you with setting up your priorities in order to achieve your goals:

1.    Stay focused on getting five things done in a day instead of ten:

We particularly aim or rather it is right to say that our culture has completely brainwashed our thinking and we have made up a rule that it is a good trait to be as busy as humanly possible. This ultimately means that we are just eager to cross 20 things off a list as compared to the main things that we must actually go with and we are actually excelled in that. In this process, we usually miss out the main things on which we are actually having best knowledge or are expertise. Ultimately, this results in winding up doing the things badly and that too in the most unproductive way.

Better, it is recommended to focus only on the right things to finally get done. The best thing is to accomplish each task one by one carefully with an utmost concentration as compared to putting hands on several things and not completing it the best way at the right time.

Before starting any new task, ask yourself as to why are you actually doing this. Is the previously assigned task is completed? The answer will help you to choose your next step. If you are not satisfied with the completion of the previous task, better you go and rework on it instead of taking a new task and repeating the same mistake again. This can help you to view the broader view of the result that you must be able to deliver.

2.    Ignore the distractions and stick to your priorities:

There are several tasks that you have been assigned and you have to execute it in the most productive manner. What will you do? Check out your to-do list and go through it one-by-one. After that, decide the task which is important and urgent to be delivered in an order. The task which is less important and less urgent can be placed at the lower end of your priority list. Just you need to go through your task list and assess the urgency as well as the importance of the task.

This is how you can set your priorities and stick to them. Yes, it is possible that in-between you have to deal with other things too, but make sure this doesn’t hinder your priority list.

3.    Stay polite and learn how to say ‘NO’:

There are at times situations occur where you have to say NO to your colleagues, subordinates or even your seniors. Some of them may come to you with an important task but it may not be as important as you are dealing with the current task. The best way is to decline their task or any request the most polite manner by discussing the matter with them the most polite way. This way you can stay focused on your current task and get out the best from it.


There is always some priorities in your work as well as personal life. Thus, mastering in prioritizing your work will help you the best way to maintaining the work-life balance the best way.