As the technology and virtual world demands are increasing; the demand of developers are also increasing and its nothing new because; the demand for developers will be always at the highest in future too. The job of a Software Developer is the best job today all over the world. The cover every marketing, business, and application launch products related to every industry. Some of the software development trends that can be used from oil rigs to video games and our smart living room. Studies has proved that 2018 will be a thrilling and very important year for software developing and the developers will have to play very crucial role of their talent.

Let us discuss 5 of the best trends that will dominate 2018:

1) The demand of blockchain developers will go high:

In 2017, blockchain was a very hot topic across the tech world. A huge contribution of Bitcoin can be appreciated in this. But, other than the digital currency, blockchain has nearly balanced every industry in one way or the other. In 2018, we can see this commotion through business-class blockchain platforms.

Many technical companies that have been in this market from decades now, has introduced their own blockchain platforms in 2017. Making IBM as its leader; they have partnered with banks, food distributors, and government regulation agencies to spread the usage of blockchain. Now, being a developer, you might be thinking what is there for you in this? The business industries will build their own apps on blockchain platforms, which mean the software developers will be always at urgency. You need to be thorough with the blockchain process so that, it can benefit you as much as possible.

2) IoT will be used till the edge:

Accessories and wearable devices like AppleWatch are the prime examples of IoT but, there is a larger scope for IoT. From vehicles to roads, deep sea oil rigs to smart homes; everything is turning into automatic data-collecting devices. The IT companies are updating themselves for a cheaper and faster method that can quickly process these systems. Users can believe that sooner they can have an access to faster performing IoT devices even in the area of poor connectivity. With the demand of edge computing, the network engineer’s demand will grow faster to create the links and infrastructures. The Edge computing is going to have a huge impact on every layer of IT infrastructure, including the cloud.

3) Cybersecurity:

Security is always the prime concern of enterprises, organizations, and government in the whole world. With so much of applications that shares personal data of a person or government, no one can risk the fraud and hacking resources to barge in. Internally, businesses have to be focused on building security into their software and automating the security testing for their software development. Externally, the organizations don’t have any limitations to their funding but the lack of Cybersecurity cannot be entertained by any business. Thus, here comes the demand of Cybersecurity skills and talents.

Similar to blockchain and edge computing, Cybersecurity sets another platform for developers who want their skills to stay in-demand for future.

4) Artificial intelligence is the necessity of the hour:

The technology is already on the point of adopting the AI to survive in the market. The smartphones, home assistants, smart home appliances are all the results of AI adoption. But the biggest winners of 2018 will be the data scientists and Chief Data Officers (CDO) who will be in high demand for a longer period of time.

5) Virtual reality:

In the previous year, the demand of commercially-available VR headsets was in huge demand. The Facebook and HTC have both slashed their prices on flagship headsets. HTC announced a standalone headset just weeks after Facebook brought the Oculus Go. Both the headsets will start at much lower price to attract new users.

Talking about the entertainment industries, the storytellers are coming up with more virtual and immersive stories that include adventures and virtual reality elements. For the developers, VR offers a new generation of opportunity in computer-generated movie and entertainment shows.


These opportunities are only beneficial to the developers when they update themselves with new and trending skills of the market. Majority of the software development trends in 2018 will demand more than just basic programming knowledge but, it’s never too late to upgrade yourself with the world.