It wasn’t the matter of cheap rate or good-looks, which made the Royal Enfield, earn its position, on which it is standing today. According to the statistics, the Royal Enfield has covered 96% of the total economical shares in the market. Why? What is so special about this bike that it has millions of fans and riders history? The reason is its history behind the evolution of Royal Enfield and the purposes it served to the civilians and military.

The inspiration behind the making:

The story started in late 1891, when Albert Eadie and R.W Smith, together started the company, named “Eadie Manufacturing Company”. Back then, this company manufactured bicycles at Redditch, which later on changed into Enfield manufacturing company Ltd. We know the word “Enfield” was meant to be a bike manufacturing company but, Eadie and Smith wanted to start with small steps. Therefore, they first designed cycles like bicycles and quadricycles. It was only in 1893 when they started supplying rifle parts to the Royal Small Arms factory in Middlesex. It was this contract, which motivated them to capitalize their brand name. Hence, they gave the famous name “Royal Enfield”.

After that, the company made many new designs and developed their cycles from tricycles to the first ever motor engine cycles. But Albert and Smith were not satisfied with this. The positive responses and reviews of their cycles and rifles part encouraged them to start their own Autocar Company at Redditch. They were the first British motorcycle to design the rubber Cush drive system in their bikes for eliminating any chain snatch issues. Also, they brought the automatic geared oil pump for better oil lubrication to the motors. This was the first feature developed in bikes, among all other bike manufacturing companies.

Evolution of Royal Enfield in India:

The turning point of Royal Enfield Company was when; they were called for supplying their motorbikes to the British War Dept, in the First World War. These bikes were supplied to the military armies, along with diesel generators for wireless stations, petrol generator sets, and many other war types of equipment because; even the government trusted the quality of Enfield Manufacturing Company Ltd. After the evolution of ‘Bullet Motorcycles’; the Indian army demanded the supply of 800 bullets ohv singles for patrolling on the borders, which required a “ready to action” engines.

The results, these bikes provided, inspired the Indian government in establishing  Enfield India Ltd in 1954, under the license of a British company. The Enfield bikes were painted to red and sold to the USA as Indian Motorcycles by the Brockhouse Corporation. This stopped the American Indians to manufacture any more bikes, which resulted in the evolution of amazing bikes like, 250cc Hornet, 500cc Furry, and 700cc Interceptor. But, in 1966 the Redditch factory shuts down, while, the Indian company continued to raise their production, as it was getting positive responses from every corner of the country.

Enfield won hearts of every Indian:

Today in India, the Indians take pride in owning one of the Royal Enfield bikes in their home garage. And we don’t blame them because; serving for more than 60 years; this brand has owned the name on Indian soil. One cannot resist the rhythm of silence music; it produces while riding and heads turn around to have a look at it. That is the effect of the Royal Enfield bikes. It doesn’t matter if, you are a bike rider or just a fan of the bike; one will always notice the bullet bikes at first sight, due to its military look and single cylindrical engine, which gives a royal appearance to it.

All thanks to the great genius Albert and Smith for such a brilliant idea and initiative, they took for the manufacturing process of such a great brand. With their determination and true leadership quality, they succeeded in bringing these bikes as a brand that; even military persons seek the help of such bikes, for the quality results it provides on the borderline.

As for conclusion lastly; everyone has the idea of something new and grand but; winners are those who implement them practically on the real field. One will understand the potentials only if, they take the first step with some risks, and who knows; our ideas can evolve into something great like Albert and Smith, and we too contribute towards the betterment of the world.