We all have been there, when even a day is not enough to get our things done. 24 hours are way less when we have a lot of work lined up and have to meet the deadline as well. There are many ways in which you can manage the workload as well time in the right manner and get the most out of the whole deal.


The sort of methods and ideas are many, some are applicable to certain sort of work areas and many other variables come into limelight, however, in today’s post, I have tried to highlight some salient yet effective ways in which you can increase the overall productivity and get maximum juice out of the day.

Let’s Take A Look at Some of Them:-

  • Stop juggling as it might eat up a lot of your energy and focus. Yes, in the current schedule, we need to multitask, but when you reach the grand total, you might see that you have wasted a lot of time as well the results might not be the way you want them to be. So, plan the work as per the priority and move on to another task, once you have completed the current one.
  • When in office, make sure that you attend the meetings on time and finish in the same manner. If the topic is going off track, then either bring it back on track or conclude the meeting is there is nothing else left to discuss.
  • Have specific boundaries in mind try saying NO to work if you are already loaded with other task. If you take up more work, it will unnecessarily increase your burden and you won’t be able to concentrate properly on the current tasks as well.
  • There will be time of the day, when you will feel down and out and have to drag yourself till the end. At such times, it is advised to take up some creative work in the pipeline as it will help your brain to function and make you feel energetic or you can take up low priority task that won’t need a proper attention to detail and can be done at a faster pace.
  • There are different times of day for everybody when they can function at their full potential. Some start day with full energy after coffee and then wear out by late noon, while others start late but then work all the day. So, no matter what you prefer, plan your work accordingly. So, schedule low-priority tasks, when your energy level is at its lowest.
  • Also, you must try to do things that you like at that particular moment and delegate the time as per it. It will help increase the productivity and the outcomes will be more positive. You must take the call on the tasks you need to finish in what state of mind.
  • Try to stay away from workspace gossip or the ones who wish to waste time for unnecessary task. Try to lessen your use of phone while work and when you need to take a break or get some rest, then you can gossip or take call or surf social media.
  • Breaking down task to small milestones will work best for all. It will help you keep motivated and also you can set the benchmarks when completion of one milestone, you can go for break or have a coffee after finishing particular task. It is one of the best methods for faster and proficient completion of tasks.
  • Email can be of the biggest form of distraction during work. If the mail does not need prompt attention then schedule a particular time to respond! This will help save time and also increase the effectiveness.

The options and ideas are many apart from the above mentioned ones that can be taken into account, if you are willing to improve your daily productivity and make a good name in the office.

You can even come up with your own suggestions or things that you do on a regular basis and the ones that can help others to get organized and if you have some to share, do not hesitate to write in the comments section below.

I sincerely hope the above mentioned points help you with better competence and you achieve the desired success in your field.