The undenied importance of workplace email is what we all have witnessed and that is why, we try to be fully aware about the incoming and outgoing mail from any official account. We do not want to miss any important update from the client or a prospective enquiry that we have been waiting for long enough.

In my opinion, email is second most effective medium of communication when it comes to conducting business, having a conversation in person being the first. This mode of communication is here to stay and if that is going to be the case, then why not make good, effective use of it.

Having a right “etiquette” for all such emails is must and here in this post, you can read and understand what effective email communication means and why they need to be pertinent and suitable as per the topic and significance.

 First, Let’s Start With The Do’s

·     Personalizing the email will prove to be very fruitful. Depending on the sort of email or the rapport, you need to address this person as you would in conversation.

·     Adaptability will be your best friend when it comes to such emails. As per your previous conversations, catch their tone and other styles. Some likes to explain in detail while others follow the KIS (Keep It Simple) rule. Getting straight to point will work best for all.

·     Check before sending must be your golden rule. Missing any relevant information or attachment can create hassle. TIP: – do not put the ID in “to” section, until you haven’t checked it twice.

·     Nothing beats a clean inbox. Unopened mails can cause a lot a trouble, when you actually need to find something relevant. Clean the inbox regularly, break up the important and other related mails.

·     Avoid using personal mails and even if the employer is not monitoring them. Not that many companies are uptight about it. But, it is better to sue common sense here and try to keep PERSONAL, you know, PERSONAL.

I hope the above mentioned points will work best for you.

Now, Let’s Talk About The Don’ts

·     Avoiding abbreviations is a good thing to get into practice. No matter how busy you are in the office or how laid back the office ambience might be. DO NOT send emails with “thx,” “lol,” and such others. Also avoid over use of exclamation (!!!!) marks. One exclamation mark makes the same impact and gets desired attention.

·     Also, avoid using smiley 🙂 or 🙁. In a professional email, it is a big NO-NO. It shows that you have laid back attitude and there is no seriousness about professionalism.

·     Avoid giving one word replies like “okay” or “thanks”. Again it says you are too busy to attain the message properly. The client will expect some sort of closure; no matter how small the point might be.

·     Make sure not to go with reply-all button all the time. It is not necessary all the time as not everybody needs to know intricate details and not everyone must be looped in the response chain.

·     Lastly, take a notice of timings, especially if you are sending mails to foreign countries. The last thing anybody wants is the phone buzzing in the midnight. It is not professional and will seem extremely irritating.

I sincerely hope the above mentioned post will help you understand you mistakes and it is about time you rectify them. It is alright to make such mistakes; after all we all were not born as professionals. We all need some guidance and that is my, goal with this post.

I hope it helps you write better mails next time and if you have anything else to add to the post, feel free to comment in section.

Write the next email keeping such points in mind.

Good Luck!