Life has become too fast for all of us. Managing personal life and professional life often leads to confusion and we end up taking wrong decision. This can cause financial loss or this may cause disturb an ongoing project and the possibilities for chaos are endless. There had been many ways into the practice earlier that helped us to organize our work. And now in this digital era we have apps. So, here is the list of top apps that help you to live a better and organized professional life.


The application helps to improve the communication and collaboration of your business. ASANA allows you to see all your ongoing projects at one place which is called Asana board. You can check the progress of these projects and can do follow ups. The app helps you to make effective communication as you can upload and edit files, communicate and share notes without using email. You can also attach files with Dropbox and Google Drive with this application.

When it comes to the cost of this app, you can use it free until your team is limited to 15 members. You can buy premium version which cost you $9.99 per member. It has monthly plans. You can download the app for free on iOS and Android.


Proven is for solving your concerns regarding recruitment. The app allows you to post the job requirement to multiple job portals at once and this can be done with just one click. You can also note the time you are going to do follow-ups with candidates. The app is more effective for the companies that have irregular hiring requirement such as retails and restaurants. It also works perfectly for an entrepreneur who has to handle various business tasks at once.

The app comes with 10 days of free trial and you can download it free on your Android and iOS devices. The cost of the app depends on your requirement. If the number of postings is higher than it may cost you more. It starts with $99 to post for one job.


The app offers efficient storage solution. It helps you in managing and tracking of your containers, packages and other storage items that you store in bulk. You can print appropriate QR labels and scan them with your phone. iPhone users can have access using Boxmeup’s mobile as there is no application for them. As far is the cost is concerned, well it is for free.


This is one of the most popular apps across the globe to organize tasks. You can sync notes by using mobile and also with desktop application. You can set reminders and you can make To-do lists. This is very useful for those creative people who are ready to note ideas at any time.

The cost of this application depends on what type of plan you choose. If you are using free version then you can upload data of 60 megabytes per month. If you are buying the Plus version, then you have to pay $34.99 per year. This increases your monthly upload up to 1GB. You can also access notes offline and save emails to the app.

There is also a premium version, which costs $69.99 per year. You can upload 10GB data per month and there are also some useful features. You can also buy $12 per user business version for a month. You can use administrative features that come with this version.


It is project management application. You can observe the workflow of your unit. Here, you can create cards for tasks. You can add members on it, add comments, due dates, checklist, attachments and you can also use labels and stickers to explain the task in detail. At the time of changing a card, the members get notification through email and mobile phones.

You can use it for free on your iOS, Android devices and also on web. If you want to buy a business class version, it costs you $9.99 per user for every month. This version has some interesting and useful features such as integration with Evernote, Dropbox etc.

So, with these useful applications, you can manage your day successfully and also make your professional as well as personal life more comfortable. It also helps in reducing stress regarding work.