Just when we thought that, we have achieved the pinnacle of mobile devices with the introduction of fingerprint sensors, OLED displays, state of the art cameras, amazing touch pads, enhanced user experience and best-looking screen with comfortable size and the list goes one, well we were wrong. Maybe we are in for a revolution when it comes to mobile devices, yes you heard it right.

Companies like Samsung are in the brink of an invention or rather have invented a new range of smartphones that will help you have a mobile, a tablet and a laptop cumulated into one device. Shocked? Well, you should be and I am not done here, they have already manufactured the prototype and the concept of FOLDABLE PHONES is a reality now.

Yes, foldable phones – READ AGAIN! In a nutshell, one fold is the regular smartphone, second fold is the regular size tablet and third fold is the laptop. However, the third fold is still in work but the second fold is a reality and they have announced the same in the Samsung Developer Conference 2018.

Let us Catch Our Breath and Move On To Decipher the Whole Innovation

Tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Nokia, and Lenovo have been working on the concept for a while now. With the phones, one can watch videos, play games, work and read at the same time.
More screen size has always been the demand when it comes to mobile devices.

However, it is practically not possible to have bigger sizes that of tablet and a lot to be integrated for mobile use. So, there should be a way to give such experience to the user and in comes, FOLDABLE phones concept.

More screen size offering the same functionality rightly fitted in your pocket.


With such devices, you can enjoy Netflix on a bigger screen and the same time; carry the device in your pocket. Talk about convenience huh!

How Will The Innovation Affect The Smartphone Market?

We can unanimously accept that the mobile market was running a bit dry when it comes new techs. Increasing the number of cameras and enhanced OS would not take you much further. We needed a revolution, something that can redefine the market and this invention of foldable phones has come on just the perfect note.

Foldable or Bendable phones will cover the Smartphone as well tablet market at the same time. When it the comes to user experience, sky is the limit. There is so much that can be integrated, yet, it will feel less after a point of time. The above-mentioned giants own the patents of such phones and since it was announced, everyone was waiting for any significant development in the genre.

Well, with Samsung announcing the launch of such phone in the third quarter, they are front-runners in the race.

What We Saw In the Launch by Samsung (A Birds Eye View)

With such phones, you can carry your workstation to anywhere and get things done on the go as well.
The folded adhesive keeps the screen intact and glued together to offer enhanced performance.
Currently, they have launched in-fold and out-fold models; also, they are working on variants like rollable and stretchable ones.

The tabs give a heads-up display of 7.3 inches with is quite amazing considering the whole scenario.
While working on the “Cover display” you can straight away switch to the “Main Display” and the same app will run. So, the user experience remains intact and it can be one of the best features of the lot.
The screen size enables the users to access 3 applications simultaneously. Yes, not in the background, you can reply a text, watch a video and write an email in tandem. It sounds simply magnificent.

Will it affect the Tablet Market?

People might come up with the argument about what makes it so different as once it is open as it works same as the tablet. Well, the answer to is the FLEXIBILITY.

You do not have to carry a tablet and a Smartphone. Once you are done with the work, you can just slip it into your pocket. It is basically one less thing to worry about when you are in the field.


In addition, it saves time, they are lightweight and as they work as 2 different devices as one, it cant get better than that.

The camera module, chipset, battery, and such other components posed a sincere threat and made the whole invention challenging, but as the prototype has generated significant hype and as it is in front of the eye, there is a whole lot expectation from it.

The potential of such foldable screen concept is very high and with them, there are many other industries that can be highly benefited.

All we have to do is wait and watch how easily the foldable phones become ‘NORMALS’ for daily use.