In our previous post we discussed about what you as an employer can do to ensure that the people working for us remain associated with the company for a longer period of time and overall, how we can work to make their daily routine a salient yet effective one.

We tried to cover some very minor aspects which can result into bigger issues with time and also mention, one post won’t be enough to cover what I am trying to put forward. So here we are, back again. I sincerely hope that all these points help you establish a proper work environment.

Here they are, have a look:-

  • Do not give ranking on performances as they all have different abilities and bogging them into doing one dimensional work will make work boring for them. They must be given free passes to explore the field and how to leverage all the available resources for the better of the whole company. If they are forced intone area of work, you are killing their work insight, making them work like machines also you injection that constant fear of insecurity and dissatisfaction as they will feel that they can be fired anytime of they do not fit into the pre-defined system. Let them free their hands and you will be amazed to see the rise in performances. It’s the individual performance that in the end collectively succeeds.
  • Strict rules against mobile phones also won’t work. Banning them is not advised and it is a common misconception that no one will waste time on phone or social media, if the phone is banned. But that is not the case. As the work can get monotonous with time and they need something to clear the mind. Also, it must be left to individual manager’s o deal with the employees who underperform due to mobile phones and such.
  • Tougher e-mail policies are an already moving down a slippery slope. Some places have such strict rules that the employees have to select from a list of pre-approved topics to sent mail. Here, it is about trust and if you can have faith in the people working for you, then the workplaces bound to be doomed. If you are willing to catch the bad guys, then have state of the art firewall. These guys will find some or the other way to send mails is they are willing to. Why trouble the good people who have nothing to do with the whole thing.
  • Try avoiding getting too professional. Let the employees have an eased out working space. Going with too much mannerism and have classy work environment will create rife between them and also it does not give out the right impression about the company. Decorum must be maintained but the management must know as to where to draw the line. After all, it is a work place and not a military training campus. Eased out work area is what they all seek after all they spent more time in the office than at home.

Putting it all together, my simple point is that, the more restrictions, rules and pressure you will try to put on employees in order to maintain the stature and standard of the office, the more problems you are going to face.

  • You have to keep in mind that filling too much air in the balloon will eventually make them burst. The office is due to employees and not the other way around.
  • You need to care of them,
  • offer with better sitting arrangements,
  • proper facilities,
  • give them space,
  • offer them grounds to explore their talent,
  • give them chances to make mistakes,
  • make them feel free and wanted

Along with other such facets must be taken into account if you are willing to have a thriving workplace that will be full of positivity.

Following these effortless, straightforward, uncomplicated & undemanding rules will surely do wonders for the office and the company.

Well, that brings us to the end of this discussion. I hope I have covered all the basics and as I always say, if you have something else to add, feel free to write in the comments section below.

Next time, we will come up with something new and out of ordinary that will educate you on many level.