The word crypto currency is now a buzzing word for every investor and general public. But no one knows that how Bit coin works? This is the time when block chain technology comes into picture. Crypto currency is works under blockchain technology. Now, the variety of industries is making efforts to use this technology in business.


It is a construction of data which conveys a virtual financial ledger entry or record of a transaction. All the transactions are digitally signed to ensure its legitimacy. No one can fiddle with it so; the ledger itself and the current transaction are assumed to be of high integrity.

The thrilling comes, when these digital ledger entries are shared among deployment or infrastructure. The extra nodes and layers in the infrastructure provide the aim of providing a consensus the transaction at any point of time. They all have copies of the current authenticated ledger distributed amongst them.

How Blockchain Works?

When an edited or a new transaction comes in to a blockchain, a great part of the nodes in the blockchain implementation started executing algorithms to generate and confirm the history of the individual blockchain block that is planned. If a great part of the nodes come to a harmony that the history and signature is valid, then only the new transaction of block is accepted into the ledger.


If the major part of the nodes doesn’t conclude the addition or modification of the ledger entry, it will be starved of and not added to the chain. The distributed consensus model is what permit blockchain to run as a distributed ledger without the need for some third party advising what transactions are valid and (perhaps more importantly) which ones are not.

How can Blockchain Structured?

It is constructed to be work in a number of ways, which uses diverse mechanisms to achieve consensus on transactions, so that it define known participants and excludes all other. The major example of blockchain in use, Bitcoin, employs an unnamed public ledger in which anyone can contribute. To the increase in the private uses of blockchain among lesser number of known actors, many organizations are arranging permissioned blockchain to manage that who is participates in the transaction activity.

What are the benefits of Blockchain?

The buzz word blockchain technology is the attracting number of diverse constituencies for variety of reasons. Following are the benefits of blockchain,

  1. Having no central authority in Blockchain makes it an ideal ledger and settlement for different joint ventures, affiliate relationships which are generally exists on an equal sharing without any provision.
  2. Transactions verified and settle by computers, abolish the need of clearing houses and other settlement agents, which allows disintermediation in a business arrangement and reduces costs by improving the speed of transactions.
  3. The only digital signatures and verifications make it hard to image a scenario, in which a bad performer could cause deception and commences problems that are hard to resolve.
  4. The cryptographic integrity of the entire awaiting transaction and examined by multiple nodes of the blockchain architecture, saves against risk and malicious use of the technology. (It is important to note that the existence of this security protection is just on theoretical basis, it is still untested in the marketplace, and question remains how good the protections will hold up in the reality.)
  5. The idea of blockchain does really well at tracking how assets move through a supply chain, during certain vendors and factories to transmission and transportation lines and into their final locations.

So, there is clearly a good place for initiating a foundation shared ledger – based ecommerce in the internet scenery today. In a crucial discussion at The Block Chain Conference in San Francisco in February, IBM’s Global Blockchain Offering Director John Wolpert says,

“You need a fabric that allows for lots of competition on platforms and huge competition on solutions. We need to evolve the Internet to become economically aware and this Internet is not going to be an application, it will be a fabric.”

So, there are advantages and disadvantages of this technology, but we always hope for the best positive advantages. Let’s see how this technology grows in the digital world, we know the perfect example of Bitcoin, but know it’s time for other industries to try their hands with this technology.