One of the most popular artifacts of German engineering that is celebrating 131st anniversary today is the Hole Puncher- a popular and essential office tool. On November 14, 2017, Google Doodle is celebrating the anniversary of one of the most recognized office supplies in the world which is also one of the most enduring inventions for the commercial industries. Even it is now used for various domestic purposes as nowadays paperwork is done at home too.

The recognition:

You would usually come across a scene where you hear gentle rat-tat-tat sound on the table as you see a thick bunch of papers. Generally, it is kept in a series within a file after being punched by the hole puncher and similar papers are kept in a row at just one place. You can bind similar type of papers regarding same subject or one project at one place and carry the tasks further. This reduces the clutters and unwanted hassles during the peak time as the papers are already arranged systematically within the system itself. As a result, this hole puncher is widely used in offices where one has to manage a lot of paper work.

Invention of first hole puncher:

  • The very first patent for the hole puncher was filed on 14th November 1886 by Friedrich Soennecken in German. Another popular name for this hole puncher is Papierlocher für Sammelmappen in Germany, that means paper hole for making binding.
  • Friedrich Soennecken was a German office supplier who invented this artifact. The main inspiration came when he has to systematically arrange bulk of papers in an order. Later in 1875, he founded his own company, F Soennecken Verlag and became a popular face.
  • The main thing that made him famous was the quality of his service and through his paper and pens that was favorite of German philosopher Friedrich Neitzsche. He was the man who coined the phrase- “What does not kill me makes me stronger!”
  • Besides inventing the hole puncher, Mr. Soennecken was involved in creating the ring binder that allows to store the freshly punched sheets. Also, it involved easy learning of the process by arranging the style of calligraphy neat yet in standardized format.
  • Since the invention of the hole puncher, you will not notice much changes in design since its invention that was way back in 131 years.

Working of hole puncher:

The hole puncher uses a lever and a spring system that allows the users to line up and punch it. The cylindrical blades pass through the stack of papers by making holes in them with an ultimate ease. The easier concept to understand related with hole puncher is the longer the lever, the more sheets of paper can be punched through with the same minimal force. The incorporation of the reservoir at the base was later discovered. It was aimed to collect the circular remains of the paper that is left behind after the punching process.

Application of the hole punchers:

There are many things that needs to be considered before you go with the hole puncher concept and start using it. Some of the general things that needs to be remembered are-

  • The standard international measurement of the hole punchers is ISO 838 that majorly includes double-hole punchers
  • Some of the people also use single-hole punchers that are based on their requirements. These type of punchers are used regularly that involves to satiate variety of jobs which includes- validating tickets or in the games like playing cards where marking of these cards are done before they are binned.
  • Besides that, there are other sort of hole punchers that have different types of designs. These are scaled up to large machines that allow punching through hundreds of sheets of paper in a single go. These are mush useful for the printing industry.

Thus, these were some of the basic facts of the hole punchers that is being used widely as an office equipment. Being the basic utility of the office as the hole puncher it even works as the paper weight in the office. As a result, its invention was basically done to ease up the storage of huge pile of papers and stack it together for making it easily accessible.