Leadership is not just a matter of experience that one works on and succeeds in becoming the leader. As the myths say, “leaders are born. Not made”. Throughout our life, we have seen many leaders and role models that were set as an example in school teaching. But, have you really observed a true leader? The way they come up with ideas? How they unite the whole group? How people get influenced with their way of speaking? And how they set examples to others?

These qualities of a true leader are not something one has to work on. These qualities can be seen in a child going to school at a very small age. Most of the people are involved in a business today. But, do you know? In order to run a business successfully, one has to be a true leader and have the courage of facing the world, without any fear.

Let us go somewhat deeper in this, to find the real qualities of a leader and identifying a leader in the crowd:-

1)   Self-confidence: First of all, a true leader has confidence on their decisions and way of living. Between self-confidence and over-confidence, there is a very thin line, and a true leader knows the difference between them. If you think yourself to be a leader, then ask yourself; have you ever took a decision in life and regretted it, only because of criticism? If yes, you are not a true leader. No doubt, a leader is always open to the criticism they receive. But, they also have a self confidence on their decision and don’t let the world influence their decision-making. Talking of which, we blow up the next trait of being a leader.

2)   Emotionally stable: a true leader will never let the world influence their mind for wrong. This is very much important because, being a leader; one has to face many rivals in their life. Under such circumstances, an emotional person will become unstable towards good and bad ideas. Taking into consideration; have you changed your decision on a subject under the influence of your best friend, knowing that he/she is wrong? Yet, for the sake of friendship, you changed your mind? If yes then, you failed to be a leader because; a real leader stays stable and grounded towards their right decision, no matter who is standing in opposition. A leader should never make decision on emotional situations.

3)   Know the difference between right and wrong: This is very much important in a leader. He/she must have a clear idea of what is good for them? And what is wrong? A leader is the one person to which, the whole team looks forward. Therefore, it becomes very much essential that you choose a leader, who is grounded towards good decision and don’t hesitate to move on with it, no matter what.

4)   Team binding: A good leader does not engage themselves to their clients and rivals. Instead, they focus more on building-up the team spirit. Working together with someone having equal knowledge as you, about the field, is never an easy job to cop up with, as there will be objections, criticism, rejections, and lastly frustration. A true leader must have the patience of hearing to every team member’s idea and take a joint decision on the prospect of everyone’s yes. This gets difficult sometimes because; many a times, more than two members come up with a brilliant idea that cannot be ignored. Under this situation, the leader has to take an initiative of asking every team members, there opinion. This will result in a discussion and everyone will look through both the sides and come up with one solution.

5)   Full of energy: Being a leader, it is your responsibility to set an example of activeness to your whole team. Your team members will follow your path because it is you, who is leading them. Therefore, a leader should be punctual in their activities and balance the spark of working in each and every member, no matter how boring the work has gotten in evening.

6)   Ready to take the blame on one self: A true leader must make it clear in their mind that, their team members are working “with” them, and not “for” them. Many of the leaders, fails to understand this thin line, which causes failure in keeping the whole team together as one. Being human beings, one has all the rights to be successful or cause failure, so does your team. A leader must stand in the front of the team, while taking the blame of any failure and instead of throwing the blaming parcel to everyone; the leader should ignore them and strive for the planning of their next move.

7)   Should be self-motivated: You are the leader, which makes you the giver of motivation, instead of seeking motivation from someone. For achieving this, a leader must be clear in their minds and know how to keep their personal and professional life separate? Also, tie up with their team for finding a solution, instead of being a dominant leader and throw your decisions on others. Discussing your plans and ideas with your team member, is a true sign of leader and this helps them complete the task in no time, with the best innovative ideas possible.

Las, but not the least, the true sign of a true leader is, they neither enjoys the success alone nor deprive their failure alone”. They team-up and never let’s down their team and followers.