Something like trust never comes easy. You have to work for it, but you don’t have to work for it too hard. There is a thin line and you have to walk on it tip-toe. However, if we can see how clear it is than it is not something unachievable and you have to do is it as it is one of the most significant factors of any team at any organization. Once the trust is there, everything else comes eventually, the productivity, the revenue, the success and so forth.

Here are top 5 things that you need to focus to make your employees trust you and trust each other.

1 Give them mentorship:

If you can do it officially then it can help you in a great way to build a stronger bridge of trust between you and your team. You help them to adjust with the workflow of your company and also the culture. When an employee can come to you directly for solving their queries, you can guide them to the right direction and this surely helps in building trust. Not all of them will come right away, but the numbers will increase. You can find out general problems among them and you can work on it.

2 Create transparent environment:

There is no need to let your employees work on a less important project with their best efforts. You need your managers to tell the employees clearly about the requirement. This helps your employees to work freely and without stress. This also helps in finishing the project faster. This will create a trust. When a manager will ask for more efforts, they will genuinely put it in their work as they trust the words from the managers.

3 Don’t track their hours:

As they say, if you want keep them in prison, don’t let them know that they are in prison. Well, your employees are not the prisoners for sure and there is no need to make them feel like one by bounding them with daily working hours. If there is no work, you can give them surprise half day. This will create understanding. Such practice proves crucial, when the office is overloaded with work. Employees willingly do overtime for the important projects.

4 Have some events where members can build trust:

It is a fact that in the second half of the last day of the week, no one likes to work and if there is a work they don’t do it with their full concentration. You can remove these less productive hours from the routine and instead you can have some activities that recharge the mind. You can arrange a trip to a local bar, have a dinner together or visit to a nearby park. These things help employees to know each other and when you do such things every Friday, the connection between them becomes stronger.

5 Let your employees give opinions for the changes they would like to see in the office:

You need to listen to what they are really saying. What makes them all uncomfortable in the office or what they need to work more productively? You can have the right answer of this only from your employees. There is no need to assume. When you have transparency, employees will not hesitate to show their clear demands. And if the demands cannot be fulfilled at the time then you can clearly tell them no and also explain why. This will help them to understand their company. There is no need to make promises that you are not sure keeping. Be clear and allow them to be as clearer as possible to provide suggestions.

All these things help in creating required trust in an organization. And when there is trust, you have opportunities to achieve immeasurable success. Along with that you also have to pay less attention on control. You can create a perfect working environment where people love to work.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” ~ Steve Jobs