It is easy to do more and more work. We run around work like a racing horse, which only have one view to win the game. But at some point of time we find our self exhausted and release that we don’t have time for the things that really matters to us. As a working employee and an aspiring writer, I found this change many times. Many successful leaders, entrepreneur and business man have this exhausted feelings.

Whether you are a successful person or not the feeling of inefficiency is to be there. So, I find these 12 questions and answer which will help you to spend your works potential time on the effective work rather than spending on some unnecessary things and regaining the health and happiness at work to focus on the things that matters the most. This question is highly effective and efficient, which are shared to some top CEOs and Business leaders.

These questions are simple and easy to say no, do less, and get more efficient with your work day. When you apply less, you will automatically conserve more time and energy, so that you can focus on things which matters.

Following are the 12 questions and answers to help you to save your energy and time at work:

1)   Do you attend meetings that you really don’t need to attend?

Attending unnecessary meeting can give you stress and tension, so stop going to that meeting to save time and health. This will make you more efficient towards your work.

2)   Do you lead/attend meetings that are poorly planned or attended?

Meetings that are poorly planned have no ending results. So fix such meetings to get better focus towards efficient things.

3)   Do you think your people come to you too often for review or approval?

You have the delegation to approve and review things, make it work proper. This will automatically save your precious time and increase your efficiency.

4)   Do you feel that you lead/get invited to unplanned meetings too often?

Challenge such things which are not properly working. Changing small things can lead you to big one in the same way; you can make small efforts to get better efficiency at work.

5)   Do you fully leverage existing technology to be efficient?

Learn things from other which will make you more efficient. Let others tech you.

6)   Do you regularly spend time thinking strategically about growth?

Schedule your precious time so that you will not spend time on unnecessary things.

7)   Do you regularly do “nice-to-do” activities first thing in the day?

Always do your “nice-to-do” activities in your break time or spare time, this is will automatically increase your efficiency towards work.

8)   Do you regularly stop work activities or initiatives when you conduct a review?

If you don’t do these things start doing now, this will make your work management better.

9)   Do your employees identify work that they feel should be stopped?

Listen to their voice daily and they will provide you a better answer.

10) Do your employees say no to you?

Motivate them to do so. Let them decide what they want to do

11) Do you lead an underfunded project?

Never do such things, stop it or defer it. Otherwise demand for the right funding. This all things automatically help you in making your work management better.

12)       Do you have multiple projects underway?

If yes, ask yourself the below questions

1)   Can an activity undertaken by multiple teams be done by one team?

–        Stop the activity, it will results you in better efficiency.

2)   Can one project incorporate a first step (e.g., gather data) to make it faster or easier for the other teams?

–        If you can sequence them properly then it can work. Sequence it properly.

3)   Can two or more project teams learn more or save time by doing some activities together?

–        You should always focus on two or more areas to get better synergy

This question are made with proper knowledge and reference to give you the best understanding on saving more time and energy at work. By following few strategies from this can lead you to gain back some of your precious time and energy this year. Understand this question in depth to get better understanding.